Hi, I am Rhett

At present, I work for IBM as a DevOps engineer.

I am a Linux fan and passionate towards programming.

Reach me via meyuanbin.me OR yuanbin2014gmail.com

www.yuanbin.me is my homepage. You can access yuanbin.me for short.

Pleasure to share cool stuff with you! Hope you will find something useful here. The source code for this homepage can be found on https://github.com/billryan/billryan.github.io

  • Reading, Music - 阅读,听歌
  • Dizi, Harmonica - 竹笛,口琴
  • Cycling, Camping - 骑行,野营
  • Photography, Traveling, Cooking - 摄影,旅游,下厨房
  • Swimming, Jogging, Roller skating - 游泳,跑步,轮滑
  • Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis - 羽毛球,乒乓球,网球
  • Cue sports, Bowling, Chinese chess - 桌球,保龄球,中国象棋

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